Fairbanks Genealogical Society

FGS Announcements:

The next meeting of the season will be Feb 28, 7pm, at the Elk's Lodge, Fairbanks, Alaska.
Meetings are FREE and open to the public.
February's meeting topic is "Gems from Fairbanks Newspapers" by Anne Castle.

1917 news 1906 news
Refreshments are served. Learn about Genealogy, local history, and be inspired to work on your family tree.
Questions are welcome and you can bring a "show and tell" if you would like.

For the November meeting, we heard about "Historical Auroras" presented by Amy Stratman.
We saw what our ancestors may have seen and thought as reported in newspapers across the world.

A photograph of the aurora over Mason City, Iowa, 18 September 1941. Credit: Mason City Public Library

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