Fairbanks Old Photos

We would be happy to post your old photos of Fairbanks. To submit photos, click here.

A vast collection of Photos from Fairbanks and other areas of Alaska, see the Alaska Military History Association. Their Facebook group is here.

Also search the Alaska Digital Archives for historical photos that have been archived.

Photos submitted to us by Fairbanks residents below.

Sept 2 1959, Fire scene. Thrifty Drug at SW corner Cushman and 2nd, taken from SW corner of 3rd and Cushman.
1959 fire

Summer 1960, Chena River near Pike’s Landing.

Winter 1959/60
View north from transit station on Chena Bldg. Catholic church and St Joseph’s hospital across from the Chena River. Ice is about 2 feet thick.

Photos below courtesy Lynn Immel

1949 Burns Hotel and barber shop downtown Fairbanks

1947 Chena River


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