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Fairbanks Daily Times, Thursday January 8, 1914

Fairbanks Birth Rate Increases Greatly in 1913
Records of City Clerk Show That 36 Children Were Born Here During Past 12 Months.
Death Rate IS Much Greater
More Than 25% of Deaths Recorded Were Persons Over 50 Year of Age, and All Oldtimers.

According to the records compiled in the office of the city clerk, 36 births took place in Fairbanks during the year 1913, while 56 deaths accurred.  The births recorded for 1912 were 22 in number, so that the increase for the year is 64 per cent.  There were 28 deaths recorded during the year 1912, so that the increase in deaths is an even 100 per cent.

Of the births recorded there were only two instances in which twins were brought into the world, and in both cases the infants died.

The death record shows that of the 56 persons who died, 15 were known to be over 50 years of age, while the ages of nine others of the list are unknown.  It is estimated however, that some of these were over 50 years of age, and that of the total number of deaths, considerably more than 25 per cent were persons over 50.   Of those who di3ed aged over 50, the majority were oldtimers, some of them having resided in the North before the rush to the Klondike.

Andrew Jackson Maiden, who had reached the age of 76, was the oldest of those who died, and his residence in the North was longer than that of any of the others on the list of dead.

The following is a list of births and deaths, as shown by the records:

Births: Deaths:
January 2- A son to James and Laura Porter January 3- Baby Davidson, age 3 hours
January 3- A son to Charles E. and Helen Davidson January 6- Andrew Peterson, 62 years
January 7- A daughter to John C. and Violet Lund January 16- Marie F. Lund, 8 days
January 24- Gertrude, daughter of Sigurd and Alice Wallsted January 21- Dorothy R. Volkman, 11 weeks
January 27- Clarence, son of Oscar and Ellie Larson February 2- Alfred Wirkalla, 38 years
January 27- Mortimer, son of Howard and Loretta Merrit February 16- Jeanette A. Sherman, 2 months
February 12- Katherine, daughter of John and Helen Mathews March 8- Baby Siler
February 17- Freda, daughter of Fred and Lillian Nichols March 10- Charles Nelson, 46 years
March 8- A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Siler March 14- Thomas Rand, 58 years
March 16- A daughter to Nick and Alma Erickson March 14- Mike Sabanoff, 23 years
March 29- Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Preston March 25- Charles Anderson, 48 years
March 10- William, son of W. F. and Nellie Thompson March 26- Mrs. J. L. Elam, 26 years
April 1- A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Russell April 6- Mrs. E. McMullen, 36 years
April 5- A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. R. Bloom April 2- Joseph Waeffler, age unknown
April 9- Ben, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hoerler April 2- Michael Twohey, age unknown
April 23- Lloyd Eugene, son of Leslie M. and Grace Drury April 7- James Hamilton, 50 years
April 27- Lois, daughter of B. F. and B. M. Pryor April 10- Charles Anderson, age unknown
May 17- Henry, son of Henry and Emma Atwood April 12- Ole Frostley, 58 years
June 3- A daughter to Andrew and Doris Hoey April 30- Louis Moohr, age unknown
June 3- A son to Arthur H. and Florence McNeer May 12- Gussie E. Baxter, age unknown
Jun 5- A son to W. F. and Frances  Whitely May 23- Mrs. Ridgley, age unknown
June 18- Phyllis, daughter of William and Catherine Lovejoy May 21- Michael Lyden, 51 years
July 1- Joseph, son of A. F. and Mildred Herpick May 25- John W. Moore, 35 years
July 4- Twins to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keel May 31- Thomas Welsh, 50 years
July 10- A son to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Woodward June 2- Charity White, 55 years
July 10- Ruth Frances, daughter of Oscar G. and Nikoline Goetz June 6- Rodie Hering 6 years
August 13- Mary, daughter of Edward K. and Mary McAdam July 4- Keel twins
September 6- Elizabeth, daughter of E. H. and Marie Boyer July 12- Baby Woodward
September 12- Twins to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Franklin July 16- Walter Porter: August Stiepovich
October 28- Kenneth, son of F. J. and Hannah Porter August 21- Milton Olson
December 2- Norman, son of Gilbert and Lottie Drake August 8- Thomas Toolson
December 2- A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John Nordbye August 20- Adolph Larson, 26 years
December 20- A daughter to Marie Leumwell August 15- Steve Gatti, 26 years
  September 3- Steve Borrossco, 35 years
  September 30- Mrs. Hans Clausen, 44 years
  September 10- John Darcy, 21 years
  September 12- Franklin twins
  September 23- Clarence J. Erickson, 26 years
  September 25- C. P. Kalning, 66 years
  September 25- Lloyd E. Drury, 5 months
  October 7- Thomas Pluskovich, age unknown
  October 18- James Jamieson, age unknown
  October 35- Pat Casey, 53 years
  November 14- Edna A. Stevens, 50 years
  December 3= George Mausarka, 38 years
  November 23- Thomas Overland, 28 years
  December 12- Herman Barthel, 59 years
  December 17- Mrs. Sam Wilcox, 40 years
  December 19- Joseph Hein, 60 years
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