Roller Rinks in Fairbanks, Feb 23 Meeting

Please join us for the February meeting,

Tuesday the 23rd, 6pm.

The presentation after the meeting will be

“Roller Rinks in Fairbanks” by Aldean Kilbourn.

The program will be live on Zoom as well as in person at the Kilbourn residence in Fairbanks. You may choose how you will attend. Members will receive the link via email. Please contact us for more information or the link if you are not a member. You may share your link with a friend. Please log into the meeting early so you can adjust your settings to see how everything works.

If you would like to share, email photos to for displaying on the screen during the online meeting, or hold your item up to the camera to share when called on.

Photos have been found in the Netherlands of Alaska people and scenes. It was a mystery who the people were…until now! Read the story and see the amazing photos in the link below.

Rediscovered Alaska Photos show life 60 years ago.

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