Come see our library display!

For the month of January 2022, the Society has a great display inside the window case at the Noel Wien Library.

On the upper left side, you will find the family tree of John Conna. He was a Civil War Veteran and is buried in the Clay Street Cemetery. Learn about his family, his time in Fairbanks, and what documents we used to research him.

Library display case

On the lower left side, learn about how to start your family tree, and what information you can find or add too.

The lower center of the display gives an example of how far back you might go on your family tree. The floor of the display is lined with genealogy and history books to show you what kind of books and publications you can search for and enjoy to expand your knowledge of your family history.

The upper right corner shows the tree of the Kokrine family and the documents we used to build this tree.

The lower right side explains in simple terms what genetic genealogy is. After you take a DNA test, you can build your family tree using your DNA matches. Including if you are adopted or have an unknown family member!

The far right side shows you FGS information.

The Fairbanks Genealogical Society can help you research your family, or assist with your DNA questions. There is a small research fee.

We are also hosting a Genealogy Fair on Feb 5, also at the library, and it is FREE. See you there!

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